BPI Infographic

Research + Visual Design ︎︎︎ 2018

The Bard Prison Initiative began as a pioneering college-in-prison program 5 years after the 1994 Crime Bill took away federal funding for incarcerated students. As part of a website redesign, BPI needed a visually engaging way to show the deep institutional reach of its work — the campuses the BPI operates in, the rigor of a Bard college education, the support offered to students during reentry, and the alumni network and job placements that support them in becoming leaders and activists within their home communities. I researched, prototyped, and designed an interactive infographic which follows three real BPI students over several years from the time they apply to their activities, jobs, and lives well after they are released from prison.

Completed while at:
Flyleaf Creative

FuturePerfect.tv , Antonio Aiello and Medium Rare Interactive

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