Screen / Break

Thesis Book + Writing ︎ 2015

My MFA thesis at RISD, Screen/Break: An Inventory of Expanded Mediation, focused on digital screens that we find all around us: desktop computers, mobile devices, projection screens, and jumbotrons. I examined various ways that visual design for such formats could incorporate the physical or spatial environments that surround these screens. Using body gestures, web cameras, projection mapping, and digital scavenger hunts, my research helped me understand the ways designers can begin to challenge the two-dimensional frame of the screen, such that the screen functions not so much as a portal to content, but as a character in a room.
Completed at RISD, 2015.
Full version available through blurb.com.

Hammett Nurosi, Andrew Sloat, Dylan Fracareta, and Alicia Cheng.

With essential guidance from: 
Bethany Johns, Clement Valla, and Anne West.

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