2019/20 Season Brochure

Editorial Design

Our team at Flyleaf Creative designed the 2019/2020 Season brochure for avant-garde off-Broadway theater (and longtime client) St. Ann’s Warehouse in celebration of their 40th anniversary.

Closely collaborating with St. Ann’s on art direction and content creation, everyone was really inspired by a newsprint A24 Zine Collection 09 “Seeds”. Since normal St. Ann’s season brochures are standard self-mailer booklets, the client wanted the format of the brochure itself to communicate the specialness of the 40th Anniversary, so we chose the newsprint format to communicate the urgency and rawness of St. Ann’s programming and overall style. Working with photographer Teddy Wolff, and following the St. Ann’s branding style of “meaningful texture”, the brochure features multi-layered collages made up of close crops and zooms of production imagery from seasons past and present.
Completed while at:
Flyleaf Creative, Inc.

Photography for Layered Graphics:
Teddy Wolff

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Mr. Eaves XL

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